Taungana STEM EXPO Week for rural schools


The 2nd STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Expo, hosted by Taungana, was held in August 2015. The expo attracted 30 high school girls from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa from rural and disadvantaged communities, offering them an opportunity to explore the fields of STEM. Women and girls remain hugely underrepresented in STEM fields in Africa and globally.

Held from 23rd – 29th August 2015, the expo introduced the girls to potential careers, role models and organisations in each STEM industry. Girls Invent Tomorrow hosted an introduction to coding for the learners as part of the week's activities. The sessions included inspirational talks by women in the tech industry on how they defied the odds to pursue their careers, instilling a mind-set of persistence in the learners to do great things in the tech space.

And of course, the event could not have been successful without the support from Intel South Africa which continues to assist in the journey of ensuring that girls in developing countries are acquiring and developing programming and coding skills to participate globally in online activities.