Hlulani Baloyi


What sparked your interest in technology and how did you get started on this career path?

What encouraged me so much to follow my career path has to be my state and surrounding back then, I grew up in an environment where there was hardly anyone who was computer savvy. I personally grew up as a person who just felt or new I could solve anything I put my mind to, so this was one of the things I had to solve and the only way to attack this kind of an issue, in my case I had to be closer enough to understand the industry, just so my generation can be a different generation.

Describe your roles at GeekulchaRaeketsetsa and IBM and that they each entail on a daily basis.

Well I’m not so hands on with projects at Geekulcha since at this point there is still so much of learning for me, as far as IBM is concerned, but I remain an ambassador for Geekulcha since I believe I have #GK embedded in my system.With Raeketsetsa I’m more on planning together with my colleagues, where we discuss and find suitable and relevant training to run on our meetups. As for IBM, I work as a strategy consultant, what I love the most is that I remain a developer, so I still develop mobile applications and responsive webapps

What did you have to study or learn to prepare you for this job?

I had to do Information Technology.

As a Girl Rising ambassador, what is your opinion about the future of girls in the technology industry?

According to me, we are in a growing phase where a lot still needs to be done and this might take while, but there’s progress. I’m glad that many corporates are holding hands in making sure that a girl child is empowered and supplied with the right skills to see them through to the next level, The future of girls in the industry looks good.

What do you think would help to get more young girls interested and involved in tech- related activities?

Consistency as far as the tech events are concerned.

What had been the most rewarding experience in your career so far?

My most rewarding experience has to be when I got exposed Geekulcha which acted as a door to many other great opportunities which includes being featured in Intel IQ videos, which opened even many other great door, where a lot of people started showing interest to working with me, which means growth for me.Another rewarding and fulfilling experience is having GirlsInventTomorrow trusting me to share knowledge with the High school girls through the coding sessions. And when Raeketsetsa was born.