Useful contacts for Young Ladies with an eye on IT as a career

SA ‘needs to close gender divide in technology’

Today I was invited to the Girls in IT event in Durban #GirlsInIT

There is still a yawning ‘gender divide’ in the number of women using technology and pursuing IT careers in South Africa.

The organisation ‘Girls Invent Tomorrow’ aims to change this. The U.N. has declared 11 October as ‘International Day of the Girl Child.’

At this event today more than 100 young high school learners arrived eager for knowledge.

Thuli Sibeko founder of ‘Girls Invent Tomorrow’ said it was vital to empower girl learners. ICT is one of the best areas to get into for South African girls.

For one of the key sponsors of the event Intel, gender equality is an issue close to its heart. It has launched Girl Rising a social action campaign to educate and empower women and it also launched She Will Connect aimed at reducing the gender and technology gap around the world.

Thabani Kupe – Intel South Africa (Picture by Colin Browne)

‘We believe that closing the Internet gender gap has tremendous potential to empower women and enrich their lives as well as all the lives they touch.’  – Thabani Kupe of Intel South Africa.

‘A lack of role models is one of the greatest barriers to women leaders.’  – World Economic Forum Corporate Gender Gap Report 2012.

Thuli Sibeko – Girls Invent Tomorrow (Picture by Colin Browne)

‘Technology needs girls to help invent the future’ said Ms Sibeko.

We were treated to a very interesting panel discussion from some inspiring ladies that are doing some amazing things in the technology sector.

Panel Discussion – Picture by Colin Browne

he panel included:

  • Candice Potgieter from KZN Science Centre – @CRPotgieter
  • Mokgaetsi Madise – App Developer and Microsoft Student Partner -@fruitymo
  • Palesa Sibeko – Director at digital agency – @palesa08
  • Rene Petersen-Parker – Director of RLabs – @reneparker
  • Suzanne Smith – Media Rep for ‘She’s The Geek’ Blog – @suzannesmith2

The panel was facilitated by Natassia Badenhorst – Communications Specialist – @ndevilliers

Rene Petersen-Parker shared these tips about blogging:

  • All you need is something to say
  • Don’t steal other people’s content

Eager Minds – Picture by Colin Browne

‘Apps and Hackathons are all about solving problems’ – Mokgaetsi Madise

So for all you young ladies interested in IT above are some interesting contacts for you to pursue.
Reach out to them, you will find their twitter handle next to their name.

For young ladies interested in a career in the IT Sector start a conversation with
HP – @HP_S_Africa and also with Intel – @Intel_Africa

Chat to Thuli Sibeko as well – @Thulilo

To see more insightful tweets about the event track the hashtag #GirlsInICT on Twitter.

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Article by +Fred Felton